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At this time our church is in transition. There will be no services or ministry offered. If you have any concerns please contact 905-527-0998.






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Notice to All Westdale Reformed Church Members

On June 25th at 3 pm a Celebration of Life Service took place and this is a
reminder that this will... (see more on member page)

Congregational Meeting

The minutes and audio/video recordings of the May 21/23 and January 11/23 congregational meetings are posted in the member page.

Sponsored Missionaries

As Refugee Ministries Coordinator, JJ TenClay works with ministry partners locally, nationally, and globally to provide compassionate, Christ-like care for refugees and displaced people. She also educates individuals and congregations on global forced displacement and the people affected worldwide, and equips them to live out the biblical mandate to care for those seeking refuge.

(Read JJ's report in the January 22 Hamiltonian.)

Jennifer Lucking is the Executive Director of Restorations Second Stage Homes, an organization in southern Ontario that exists to support survivors of sexual exploitation and human trafficking by providing long-term residential housing, survivor-led peer programming, and holistic care. Through Nancy’s House and the Survivor-Led Peer Program, Restorations rejoices in each person’s uniqueness; restores physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing; and empowers individuals to step into their life’s purpose.

(Read Jennifer's report in the January 22 Hamiltonian.)

Ordained RCA ministers Sayuri and Abraham Kist-Okazaki work as associate pastors at Kugahara Church, part of the United Church of Christ in Japan. They visit churches and regional gatherings, preaching nationwide for evangelism and leadership training. Sayuri also works with the National Federation of Kyodan Women’s Societies in the United Church of Christ in Japan to empower women who serve churches faithfully, while Abraham teaches introduction to Christianity at Meiji Gakuin University.